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Electroplating grade copper sulfate

Product introduction: Electroplating grade copper sulfate (also called as blue vitriol and chalcanthite), molecular formula: CuSO4??5H2O

Grade: First grade, premium grade

Product features

Blue crystal, odorless, specific gravity of 2.284g/cm3, soluble in water and dilute ethanol; its aqueous solution possessing weak acidity, which is slowly weathered in the dry air, with surface turning into white powder; when heated to 110??C, loses 4 crystal water molecules; and when heated to above 150??C, forms white and easily water-absorbing anhydrous cupric sulfate.

The product is produced according to the enterprise standards prepared by our company, with each parameter being better than the national standards, and the electroplating standard following HG/T3592-2010

Table of standards executed

Usage: Widely used in chemical industry, electroplating industry, and mineral processing industry

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