Mr. Huang Hai Ping (黃海平), aged 45, is a member of the Communist Party of China, and graduated from the Guangdong Provincial Committee’s Party Academy (majoring in Economic Management) with a bachelor’s degree, and is an economist. He served as the head of finance department and deputy general manager of Guangzhou Digital Rise Technology Co.,Ltd. and the chief economist of Guangdong Rising Research and Development Institute Co., Ltd. He currently serves as the deputy secretary of the Communist Party, secretary of commission for discipline inspection, chairman of the supervisory committee and supervisor of Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited.
Mr. Huang Wei Ming (黃偉明), aged 53, is a supervisor of the Company and holds a master’s degree. From December 1994 to January 2011, Mr. Huang served as a credit officer of branch, branch president, the head of team and deputy branch manager of the Asset Management Department of Guangdong Development Bank. From January 2011 to 2013, he served as a general manager of Shenzhen Tong Hai Chemical Co., Ltd and standing deputy general manager of Shenzhen Jieda Investment Group Co. Ltd.* (深圳市皆大投資集團有限公司). Since January 2015, he has served as a general manager of Shenzhen Dongjiang Huiyuan Micro Finance Company Limited* (深圳市東江匯圓小額貸款公司), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company. He served as Supervisor of the Company since 15 March 2016. He is also the director of investment management department of the Company.
Mr. Zhang Hao (張好先生), aged 30, is a member of the Communist Party of China and received college education. He served as an accountant of Shenzhen Dongjiang Kaida Transportation Co., Limited* (深圳市東江愷達運輸有限公司) and a financial supervisor of Shenzhen Baoan Dongjiang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.* (深圳市寶安東江環保技術有限公司) and currently serves as a supervisor and senior supervisor of the discipline inspection and supervision office of Dongjiang Environmental Company Limited.
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