Karamay Wosen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Located at Petrochemical Industrial Park of Karamay, Karamay Wosen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ??Wosen Environmental??) was established in December 2012, with registered capital of 38 million yuan. It obtained the franchise right of Karamay Hazardous Waste Comprehensive Disposal Demonstration Center Project in November 2012.

Wosen Environmental is committed to rendering high-quality and world-class environmental services to government and enterprises, including solid waste harmlessness treatment and disposal and resource utilization, development of environment protection and energy saving technologies, and design, construction and operation of environment protection and energy saving projects, etc. The medium-term development goal of Wosen Environmental is to become a large comprehensive environmental service company taking the advanced solid waste treatment and disposal as the core business, meanwhile expanding relevant environmental technology development and environmental services, and serving China's western region, and to realize rapid development of the company by actively seeking help of the capital market.

The Wosen Environmental, at its completion, will render perfect industrial solid waste harmlessness and recycling services for the industrial development of Karamay-centered petrochemical industry, salt chemical industry and coal-based chemical industry, etc. in northern Xinjiang, free the local government from worries in environment supervision, and provide a strong guarantee for the local national economy and social development.

Scope of business: Recycling of waste mineral oil, and disposal of hazardous waste (incineration, solidification and landfill, direct landfill, and physical/chemical treatment)


Address: Petrochemical Industrial Park, Karamay City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

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